Characters Poster Slide

Witch and other characters

Witch and CharactersI decided to spend some time making a poster incorporating some of the favourite characters i’ve illustrated over the last few years for A.H.Stockwell. At the back at the top is a Dragon from a book written by Aprill Harper titled “Witches, Hats and All That“, as is the green Witch and green cat in the foreground. The pirate ship called the “Punky Dragon” is from “The Adventures of Pirate Bill” by Barbara Williams-Carr. Chester the Cheeky Chimp can be seen swinging from the tree, from a book of the same name by Linda Ambrose. Below is Pom Pom the Podgy Bear, again from the book of the same name by Sandra Christina Shaw. Below Pom Pom is a blue Fairy from “Sparky and the Fairy” by Joan Murray. Finally on the other side we have we have Mrs Littlelegs trying to keep hold of her dog Sizzler, from “The Adventures of Mrs Littlelegs and Sizzler” written by Alan Withers.

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