Abstract Landscape

Abstract Landscape Pictures for Sale

A set of four charcoal pictures I made in 2011. I am very proud of these images and they are personal to me, as I feel I was able to achieve a visual expression which I had been struggling to create for a while. I would describe them as dark, slightly haunted landscapes with allusions to architectural constructs, alien worlds, spectral figures and post apoccalyptic visions. I since attempted to recreate using colour, however never quite managed to translate them to paint in the way that I wish. That said it is a subject and style which I intend to pursue in the future. In the meantime, it would be great if they could find a home or space where they can be on display, therefore I am looking to sell them to any interested parties, or alternatively exhibit them if anyone knows of any suitable spaces. I am open to negotiation. All framed. Please email me andyjroper@worldofroper.com or call 07815907117 with any enquiries.Abstract Landscape 1

Abstract Landscape #1

Frame: 43 x 53cm

Abstract Landscape 2

Abstract Landscape #2

Frame: 55 x 45cm

Abstract Landscape 3

Abstract Landscape #3

Frame: 56 x 46cm

Abstract Landscape 4

Abstract Landscape #4

Frame: 60 x 45cm

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