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Barn Animals

Barn AnimalsHere is a page illustration featuring Barn Animals I did for the new children’s book by Sandra Christina Shaw titled Pom-Pom Goes to Town. A scene were Pom Pom is travelling into town on a red bus, one of the things she sees out of the window are ducks swimming upon a pond, Horses near a big red barn and pure white doves.

Book description:

Pom-Pom loves to go to the market with her mama. The well-meaning little bear enjoys the bustle of the town on market days, when there are so many exciting and colourful things to see. Today she particularly wants to find a present to take home for her papa, but as usual poor Pom-Pom cannot keep away from trouble.

Kenny, who runs the fruit stall, has carefully balanced his apples in tall pyramids to make a fine display. Surely Pom-Pom isn’t going to take one from the bottom row! She wouldn’t do that – would she?

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